Our services: comprehensive and flexible


We take the stress out of letting a property for landlords. We are flexible, leaving it to the owner to decide how much responsibility to assign to us.

A property manager's role is to provide the best possible return for the owner on the managed property. Our aim at My Property Turkey is to help you maximise the value of your property over the long term.

With sensitivity, expert negotiation skills and outstanding competence, we take care of all commercial and technical tasks including invoicing, maintenance and insurance claims. We also manage administrative tasks such as quote requests and protocols for the personal element, including selection of an appropriate tenant and meeting the owner. We also manage regulatory aspects: for example, compliance with legal procedures and insurance policy requirements.

You can count on My Property Turkey as an experienced, expert and responsible partner for the professional and individual management of your property.


  • preparing for all types of technical inspections
  • organising and commissioning appropriate specialists for providing heat insulation and reducing energy costs
  • handling orders for keys
  • being constantly available for the lessees
  • regularly inspecting and checking the condition of the building
  • monitoring all technical facilities in connection with maintenance jobs
  • presenting and enforcing warranty claims, having maintenance and repairs carried out (involving quotes, being present at the property when necessary, preparing pricing rates, consultation, tendering processes, awarding contracts, acceptance of work done, checking bills, paying bills
  • coordinating discussions with house committees
  • preparing the house rules and monitoring compliance with them
  • handing complaints in the event of violations of the house rules
  • appointing and monitoring support staff for the building
  • preparing the annual bill with individual settlement as well as making any necessary adjustments
  • carrying out all payments which affect the property
  • monitoring incoming and outgoing payments relating to the property
  • compiling bills for all payments and preparing budgets
  • providing payment reminders when payments are over-due
  • properly investing the maintenance reserves
  • properly filing all management documents


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