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How To Prepare Your House For Renting


1. CLEAN THE HOUSE - You could do it yourself or you can save a lot of time by hiring a professional cleaner. Most of them aren’t so expensive, and can generally come during the daytime while you’re at work, or on weekends. Don't forget to freshen the carpets and hardwood floors.


2. INCREASE LIGHTING - when you show a prospective tenant your home, make sure to open the windows and draw the drapes. Also you can buy higher wattage bulbs, clean out light fixtures and clean the windows to make rooms appear bright and open.


3. PAINT THE WALLS -  White or neutral color will make the house look fresh. Neutral colors will make rooms appear more open and bright. If you’re trying to rent a smaller space, this, coupled with clean or new light bulbs, can do wonders.


4. MAKE MAJOR REPAIRS - It’s always a good idea to do a home inspection before you rent out a house. That way, you’ll know what state the home’s systems and appliances are in before you rent it, and you can fix any major problems before a tenant moves into the home.


5. SPRAY FOR PESTS - No renter wants to see spiders, beetles or earwigs on a tour of a possible home. If you have a problem with insects in your house, consider having a pest control company spray for pests.


Source: landmarkhw.com

How To Cut Down On Your Energy Bill


1. Keep vents clean from getting dirty or clogged up, otherwise your HVAC system will have to work much harder to provide heat and cool air throughout your home. Make sure vents are open to keep them from getting clogged, and clean them regularly.


2. Do large laundry loads. Instead of doing several small loads of laundry each week, let the pile build up, and do one larger load once a week. That way, you aren’t unnecessarily wasting water and energy.


3. Take advantage of your windows. In the winter just open the curtains and let the sun shine in. During the summer months, you can keep your home cool without air conditioning simply by opening a few windows and letting the air flow through (use screens to keep the bugs out).


4. Insulate your home. If you have an older home, chances are that it may not be very well insulated. By adding new insulation, you can easily cut down on both your heating and cooling costs.


5. LED holiday lighting. Many people find that their electric bills are extremely high during the holidays, because they are using extra lighting. You don’t have to stop using that lighting. Simply switch to LED holiday lighting, which uses much less heat. It is also less dangerous, because this type of lighting emits little to no heat, and they do not break easily.


Source: lifehack.org

Tips For Maintaining Your Property


1. Keep all wood on the exterior of the home is painted. Underestimating this task will lead to softness and deterioration of the wood, which can quickly become a costly repair.


2. Check all windows and doors for gaps and seal them with a weather proof sealant to prevent water intrusion and therefore, serious damage. This will also help prevent heat loss in your home.


3. Regularly inspect any trees on your property for dead limbs or limbs that may be hanging down. Also keep an eye of the base of your trees. Any trees that are rotted at the bottom need to be removed before they fall on your house or a neighbor’s house. Trees not only will cause damage to the property, but dead limbs can become a liability issue if they fall and injure someone.


4. Monitor your roof for damaged or missing shingles, especially after bad storms and high winds. Damaged or missing shingles can allow water penetration which inevitably leads to damage on the interior of the property.


5. Make sure the dirt around your foundation properly slopes away from the foundation and not towards it. Fill in any holes around the foundation and if necessary, and add dirt backfill around the foundation to ensure that water drains away from the home and not into a basement.


Source: biggerpockets.com


Spring Maintenance


  • Air-conditioning units and hot water boilers need servicing annually to work effectively.
  • Check your guttering is free from leaves etc.
  • Check outside hose faucets for freeze damage.


Don't get cought out this winter


  • Carpets for under your feet for warmth and carpets will keep drafts from your neck.
  • An old quilt or blanket under your bottom sheet will add extra warmth to your bed.
  • Anti-freeze added to your solar panel will stop them freezing.
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